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Enhance Your Vehicle’s Brake Performance

The most important safety component on your vehicle is the braking system. No matter how well every other component performs, if the brakes are questionable, we shouldn’t get behind the wheel. Whatever condition your vehicle’s brakes are in, they could easily need a brake check service from United Auto Parts & Service. That’s how we keep your vehicle stopping on a dime, safely slowing at a stop light, and handling tight corners at high speeds. When you act fast, we’re able to keep you ahead of all brake repair problems. As soon as you notice any of the early warning signs come to our facility first. Our brake repair services are quick but thorough. And most importantly, complete. We’re NOT here to waste your time and money! We’re known for our same-day services, so today can be the day you say goodbye to your faulty braking system.

Brake Repair Needs–Noisy? Hard? Slow?

The first sign that your vehicle needs brake service is usually audible. When you apply your brakes, you hear a high-pitched squealing noise. This is your braking system’s early alert that the brake pads are starting to wear thin. While this noise is easily recognizable, it can also be easily missed because of a loud car stereo or windows that are rolled up. It will be very noticeable to other drivers and pedestrians. If you fail to notice this warning, you will eventually hear a grinding noise. This is the metal-on-metal scraping on the brake rotors. This is an emergency and should be brought to United Auto Parts & Service immediately. Hopefully, your vehicle is able to make it to us, but it may be necessary or beneficial to be towed to our facility. Poor brake performance can also be felt in the brake pedal and steering wheel. A light vibration can be felt in the pedals or steering wheel when there’s a brake repair or service need. Brake pedals can also be hard or slow to respond. These are all dangerous brake problems that should be fixed completely by United Auto Parts & Service.

Schedule Your Brake Repair Service Today!

Make your road travel as convenient as possible with a quality brake check service. We’ll let you know exactly where your braking system stands. Our brake repair experts can tell you what has happened, is currently happening, and what’s going to happen to your braking system. Your safety is all that we’re concerned with. We’ll never let our customers leave our facility without the best information. Continue your vehicle’s safe road travel with our brake service expertise. Give us a call today at 215-364-5500 to schedule your next brake repair service. We have extensive brake service experience will enhance your vehicle’s overall performance. You can use our convenient online scheduling system right now!